Couture Collective Website

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Couture Collective is a members-only couture sharing service.

The business provides members with heavily discounted haute couture by adopting a time-sharing system.


Visitors without accounts are greeted with evocative landing page.


Members arrive at the Look Book, where they can schedule rentals of dresses.


Shared dresses can be reserved through their calendars.

Rent haute couture.

Couture Collective allows users to buy shares in couture. Shared items can be pre-reserved up to 5 times for free, according to the item’s calendar.

The site maintains a list of past and upcoming reservations and rentals for each member’s dresses. Reservations can be cancelled using this list.


Items that a user doesn’t have a share in can be rented for a fee.


Each user has a closet of items.

The closet keeps track each member’s shared items, as well as lists any rentals they’ve made.

Members pay directly.

When a member is ready to book a rental, they can check out directly through the site. Their saved credit card is charged automatically.


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